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Read it in spurts over a two-day period -- damned work. At any rate, I think I will reread before posting a full-out review, but for now, here is what I've got to say.

SPOILERS for those who have not read the book )

As I said,a more detailed and coherent review later, once I've reread the book and let it sink in properly. But at the moment, all I really want to do is sit down with the author and pick her brain about how on earth to write such gorgeous and intricately structured novels.
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Rereading Mélusine, as I am currently first on the list for The Virtu at the library. It holds up beautifully the second time, and I've caught things on this reading that I did not the first time round -- not unexpected at all.

So, those thoughts. Warning: Spoilers for the novel, and Chapters 1-4 of The Virtu )

At least some of these might be answered in The Virtu, I suspect, but considering that there are four books altogether, it's entirely possible that I might be left hanging for some time longer. ;) At least it's entirely worthwhile, as far as I'm concerned.
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In a nutshell, I loved it. Absolutely utterly loved it. Was so gripped that, as per a previous entry, I got ridiculously lost in it and nearly got in trouble with my manager. Also nearly missed a cue or two at dress rehearsal for R&G when I was reading it backstage.

Full review beneath. Here there be spoilers, yarr. )

The verdict: Fantastic. Will definitely be buying this one, and the sequels when they come out.


Jun. 1st, 2006 02:14 pm
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You know a book is good when you're secretly reading it behind the cash register and your boss (who has already warned you not to read books on the job) is halfway into the store before you realise she's there.

The book: Mélusine by Sarah Monette (not in any way related to the foundress of Lusignan, but still a fantastic read so far)

And I suppose it proves my innate nerdiness that every few chapters, I sit back and think 'My God, I need to write a paper about this book.'


Oh, and in other news, I sent the complete and final draft of 'Masquerade' (c. 5,900 words) to Boston by overnight mail first thing yesterday morning. It is in the hands of the gods and the editors. May they have mercy on my poor little story.

I'm actually quite happy with how it turned out. No less than two people commented on [ profile] adelynne's posting of it on her LJ, with some very good criticisms that I certainly wouldn't have noticed, given how familiar I am with these characters by now. And people seem to like my writing style! This makes me so idiotically happy, if only because I've had so many run-ins with people who hate it in the past.

R&G opens tonight. It just rained rather hard about fifteen minutes ago, and all I can do is hope it will not do so again anytime soon. Please? I don't want to have to die on muddy ground.


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