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Just as a quick note to everyone -- there will be no spoilers on this journal. None at all. In fact, my book probably won't arrive until early next week since I ordered from, so I'll almost certainly be avoiding the Internet until I've read it.

I did finish The Virgin in the Garden two days ago, and immediately launched into rereading all of Harry Potter before this weekend. Books 1-3 are finished and I'm well into Goblet of Fire.

The Virgin in the Garden )
Harry Potter reread )

(And yes, it does amuse me that I'm putting A.S. Byatt and J.K. Rowling in the same entry since Byatt reportedly hates all things Harry Potter.)

I've also started reading Thackeray's Vanity Fair as part of my 'Read books I ought to have read by now and somehow haven't yet' plan. He's a very odd narrator, but amusing enough so far. He really likes to interject things in his own voice and break up the narrative. Not a problem at all; just something to get used to.
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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows THIS SUMMER????

The mind, she boggles. I wasn't expecting it until at least next year.

I shall have it late as usual -- curse my obsessive-compulsive desire for matching books and the fact that I'm too cheap to pay for overnight international shipping -- but I expect to enjoy it thoroughly.

And I *will* be good this time and not unintentionally spoil the ending for [ profile] atropos333. Though to be fair, last time was my family spoiling the ending, not me.

Oh, and Robert Fabyan amuses me. He managed to blame the entirety of the Wars of the Roses on Marguerite of Anjou. Or at least on the fact that she married Henry VI, so I suppose he technically blames the Earl of Suffolk. Though I do need to get a different copy of the 1516 edition, as the entire Richard III section was missing from the one I was using today...
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Order of the Phoenix took me five-and-a-half hours, give or take. Half-Blood Prince took me less than four. Started around 12:30, finished around 4:00.

My first reaction: Screaming

My second reaction: Dear sweet God, that book was good.

Most of my theories were, as expected, shot to hell, but some emerged unscathed, much to my surprise.

Not particularly coherent thoughts )

I suspect I'll reread sometime very soon, and come up with slightly more coherent thoughts. The only coherency I can currently muster is very specific.
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::glares at door and indirectly at Postal Service::

Want book!


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