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Official call for papers for the conference I'm co-organising in March. Children's lit in Oxford -- you know you want to!

Place and Space in Children's Literature
27-28 March 2009, University of Oxford
Keble College, Oxford

Keynote speech by Philip Pullman

The University of Oxford Children’s Literature and Youth Culture Colloquium invites papers on the themes of place and space in children’s literature for its conference to be held at Keble College, Oxford. The keynote speech, opening reception, and delegates’ dinner on the evening of Friday 27 March will be followed by a day of panels and discussions on Saturday 28 March, 2009.

Confirmed speakers include Peter Hunt, Farah Mendlesohn, Margaret Kean, and Diane Purkiss.

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THIS is why I'm writing a dissertation on literary afterlives of historical figures. Because people think it's interesting! Because it provokes arguments! Because [ profile] angevin2 occasionally makes awesome fingerpuppet videos involving said literary afterlives of historical figures.

(And because I'm a huge nerd. But moving on...)

This whole thing began after several people (myself among them) made joking comments about Shakespeare's Richard III being a Tudor hackjob. For me, it was joking. I don't know about anyone else. She then posted a very clear and interesting response that points out the flaws in the 'hackjob' theory, linked above. Personally, I'd love to see [ profile] junediamanti and [ profile] a_t_rain's thoughts on the subject.

For those who are curious, ramblings regarding the late and occasionally lamented Richard III and Tudor Hackjobbery follow )

In other news, note to self re: Oxford weather -- It doesn't matter how warm it is in the morning. Nor does it matter that you're planning to spend several hours in a library. It's the middle of October. Wear a coat. Because Murphy's Law demands that the day you leave the house wearing a sleeveless top is the day you return to the house in very cold rain.

At least I've started keeping the umbrella with me at all times.


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