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And there were three envelopes waiting. One was large, from University of Warwick. I knew it was coming, but all the same, it's still nice to see the actual envelope.

Two small ones.

The first one was from Harvard. Rejection. Not surprising in the slightest. I've never been their type. That, I leave to my relatives.

The second was from Oxford. And I think they might have been trying to give me a heart attack, because it was an acceptance!

I'm still in shock.

Holy shite, I just got into Oxford! All the Ivies reject me, and I get an acceptance from Oxford? I don't know what they're smoking, but I hope they don't ever stop.

::starts breathing again::

(Which means, [ profile] rosamund, your good-luck vibes worked brilliantly. Hopefully mine will work just as well on your job and flat hunting.)

Eeeeeeeeee! I'm stupidly happy about this. Might even pop the infamous 21st birthday champagne for it later tonight. But for now, I'm off to dinner on the boyfriend's poker winnings.
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I will be getting my PhD. Come Hell or high water.

Because today, I received not one, but *two* acceptances. One from University of Exeter, and the other from University of Reading (who, incidentally, rejected me two years ago). I am completely feeling the UK love.

And, to top it off, I've been accepted to the Disjunctions conference at UC Riverside in April, where I get to present a paper on Neil Gaiman.

(A paper I now need to write)

But hey, it's all good. Because I'm getting a PhD!


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