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I almost posted earlier today in a panic because I have hit a Research Crisis. It is definitely a good thing that said research crisis happened roughly an hour before I was supposed to meet [ profile] nineveh_uk for cocktails and Quantum of Solace. Alcohol and Daniel Craig shooting people was precisely what I needed.

As a result, this post will not be about the Research Crisis. It will be about Bond. Which is far, far more preferable.

Not so much a review as a series of observations. Cut for ramblings, possible incoherence, and gratuitous quoting of John Webster. Also spoilers. )

In all, Bond films are about location porn, car porn, fashion porn, and people dying in unconventional if not often spectacular ways. The location porn was quite fun here, although it would take a lot to beat Casino Royale for sheer gorgeousness. And, well, it's a Bond film, so the fact that it has any plot at all, let alone a half-decent one, should be impressive in and of itself. I'm probably reading far more into it than was necessarily there, but this is what I do to films, and I happen to enjoy it. Plus, it really was a very enjoyable film, and a really fun evening altogether.
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My copy of Microsoft Word has conceived a vendetta against Georges Chastellain. More specifically, against particular passages in the Chroniques des ducs de Bourgogne. Every time I open a file containing any of these passages, Word gives me an error message and quits.

Actually, not just Chastellain. Apparently there is also a specific passage in the Croniques of Jehan de Wavrin that has also offended Word.

I am all bafflement.
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After reading two articles referencing aforementioned chronicle and finishing the first series of Doctor Who, my new mental image of Edward IV is Captain Jack.

In a mad sort of way, it works. Both are very good in wartime but somewhat problematic in peacetime, both are incredibly charming and will sleep with anything that moves, and both are generally cleverer than they are given credit for being, although if Jack dies of a heart attack after overeating himself into a stupor, it would be truly awful.

ETA 2:10 AM: The articles used segments of the chronicle to posit that Edward IV may have been bisexual. I'd accept it as a possibility, though not based on those particular segments, which may well have been using 'love' in a nonsexual way. Who knows? Subtext, how I love thee.

Why doesn't Edward IV get any love? Cut to spare the uninterested. )

Anyway, all of this is in an effort to avoid writing that introduction to my dissertation outline that justifies its existence. I have a page of semi-incoherent ramblings about appropriation of women as characters that is only partly related to the cultural framework of queenship but has far more to do with the twisting of those frameworks to fit the needs of propaganda...which is the right idea, but not in any way that makes sense.

On a completely unrelated note, I did notice this in the film, but it is rather staggering how good Joaquin Phoenix sounds when he sings Johnny Cash.

ETA 2:10 AM: More thoughts added under the cut.


Feb. 9th, 2007 07:21 pm
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Philip Pullman justified the existence of my dissertation today.

Alright, so not directly, but he justified it in principle )

I was already a fangirl to begin with, but this just clinches it. I'm just sad all of my copies of his books are three thousand miles away.

And, on an unrelated note, today's rehearsal of Oedipus yielded the best performances yet from the principals. Oedipus was genuinely scary! Which is precisely what I was looking for. The Chorus still needs lots of work -- maybe I should assign them a night to go out together for drinks so they can become a collective?
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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows THIS SUMMER????

The mind, she boggles. I wasn't expecting it until at least next year.

I shall have it late as usual -- curse my obsessive-compulsive desire for matching books and the fact that I'm too cheap to pay for overnight international shipping -- but I expect to enjoy it thoroughly.

And I *will* be good this time and not unintentionally spoil the ending for [ profile] atropos333. Though to be fair, last time was my family spoiling the ending, not me.

Oh, and Robert Fabyan amuses me. He managed to blame the entirety of the Wars of the Roses on Marguerite of Anjou. Or at least on the fact that she married Henry VI, so I suppose he technically blames the Earl of Suffolk. Though I do need to get a different copy of the 1516 edition, as the entire Richard III section was missing from the one I was using today...
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I really hope the Bod gets a copy of Michael Hicks' Anne Neville: Queen to Richard III because I am growing less and less inclined to purchase it, and I really need to read it.

Not that I'm looking forward to that. I had some spare time so I started flipping through it in Borders today and he succeeded in annoying me within about twenty pages by referring to Richard III as a paedophile because he married Anne Neville when she was fifteen.

If he's a paedophile, what does that make Edmund Tudor? He married Margaret Beaufort when she was twelve and she gave birth to Henry Tudor at thirteen. Not to mention the fact that Anne had already been married once before. Does that make Edward of Lancaster a paedophile too? Oy.

Seriously. This was normal. I'm not saying it was a good thing -- it probably wasn't -- but it was what people did.

I appreciate that *someone* is taking the time to write something about Anne Neville. It's about time someone did. That being said, maybe we could stop with the crazy conspiracy theories and weird statements that make no sense in context?
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I nitpicked until I nearly went cross-eyed. Formatted, reformatted, double-checked all my footnotes and sources. Begged for critiques on the introduction and conclusion from the most anal-retentive amongst my friends (merci mille fois to [ profile] pixidala, [ profile] adelynne, and [ profile] rosamund). Two copies are now printed and sitting in my bag, to be softbound first thing in the morning, and handed in before I catch my flight to Boston.

14304 words.

It is finished.
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Picked up last term's essays. Suffice it to say the weather echoed my mild to moderate terror of this particular errand. It's been raining all day.

They were...lower than I wanted.

I passed both of them, thank God. If I hadn't, I'd probably be suffering a nervous breakdown right now. And, thanks to my very high mark from first term, my average has barely scraped past the minimum mark for the Ph.D. programme.

It's ironic that the essay I was more confident about was the one that came out with the lower mark. I was sure I'd written a nice, coherent piece, but apparently it contained rather large logistical gaps that I just hadn't seen. I managed to scrape the mark they gave me, on account of the vast amounts of research. Thank goodness it counted for something; I certainly spent enough time on it.

Of course, the silver lining on the cloud is that the essay that picked up the High Pass mark is the jumping-off point for my dissertation. And most of the problems pointed out by the examiner--i.e. lack of secondary sources, no real discussion of the parallels between Dumas' theatre and fiction, etc--are all things that will be dealt with in detail in the dissertation.

So I suppose it all evens out cosmically.

I think I'm going to drop my clothing into the washing machine and have a drink. Preferably something alcoholic. I don't care that it's the middle of the afternoon. Sometimes you just need alcohol.


Feb. 19th, 2005 11:22 am
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Fully recovered from drunkenness.

Still in PhD programme.


Now, I actually *will* get my lazy arse to the library today...
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I have just heard the sacred words to gladden the heart of any future academic.

"You know, I'd really love to read your thesis. Can you send me a copy?"


I am Research Goddess!

I survived

Dec. 9th, 2004 04:30 am
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Essay was handed in at noon today. Bound and everything. It looked quite pretty.

Went to the library and returned all the books I'd used for it. Nice sense of closure. Then picked up more books, two on Mélusine, a copy of La Reine Margot, and a historical account of Marguerite de Valois. Yay for random research.

Either tomorrow or Friday is my tome-diving research party. Yay tome-diving! Several hours in the rare books room for me. And yes, I do this for fun.


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