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So this post is utterly lacking in content.

That being said, I believe this has conclusively proven that everything is better with Benny Hill music.

See also [ profile] angevin2's latest entry.
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I don't normally post about the election, but this is only vaguely related and had me nearly crying from laughter.
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I know at some point not too long ago, someone on my flist posted the title of a (gasp) *good* novel based on Pride and Prejudice (other than Bridget Jones which is, of course, lovely). All I remember is that it was focused on Georgiana Darcy. Could anyone give me a title?

(I have a Barnes and Noble giftcard and while most of it will be devoted to The Mirador -- once I find a store that actually *has* the book -- I should have enough left over for a paperback. I thought I'd give P&P retellings/sequels one last try.)

Oh, and on a random and hilarious note, the other day at Barnes and Noble, my sister and I found published Phantom of the Opera porn. I didn't pick it up on the principle that I could probably find something better on the Internet for free, but the fact that it's published is utterly hilarious to me.
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Stupid hair. Must it thwart even my efforts to not look *bad* (as opposed to working in a positive direction; I'm happy with neutral after a point) for the May Ball tonight. Arrgh.

Should get dressed. Really. But first...

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Oh, and random note to self: when downloading Japanese films, be sure to check and make sure the film in question is subtitled. Pretty is all well and good, but damned if I understand anything outside of the occasional word I picked up from Pix.
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Gakked from [ profile] halflingmerry

Now, I actually answered this wrong on her journal, so read it properly if you want to do it. Unlike me. ::grin::

"You name three fictional characters. I have to pick one to push off a cliff, one to marry, and one to shag. (no celebrity names since celebrities aren't fictional...for the most part)"
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This. Is. Fabulous.

Who's in your university press anthology of collected essays? by cataptromancer
Collection Title
1. Opening essay that's basically a summary, byrosanaj
2. Essay that has nothing to do with topic, byeisdamme
3. Rambling piece about mills, bygothicsquish
4. Incomprehensible theory essay byrosamund
5. Poetically written but thesis-free essay, byspecialsnowflak
6. Essay by prof who doesn't get it, by_youngblood_
Response: You're all idiots, given byreesechan
Amount the UP will sell it for$5
Chance of anyone ever buying it: 83%
Quiz created with MemeGen!

My only question: where are Pix and Kai? My trusty co-authors? At least it's popular, if very very cheap.

I may have to do another, but I can't recall all the academic tomes I wanted to write.
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"And there's always the Five...Positions...of Feminine...Subjugation." (complete with appropriate hand motions)
"Hello Mr Bierschenk. Welcome back."

"Twenty quid. Twenty fucking quid."

"Have you ever tried speaking to a drunken Glaswegian?"
"I pulled one out of a trashcan once."

"You know, now as I recall all of this history, I must say...I'm a slut!"

"I'm having flashbacks to Beyond Therapy. Pen...penguin...puffin..."
"Penis!" (after a pause) "Penis languages?"

"When in doubt, look for it in the original language! And Kitty whips out her large linguistic cock."
"You cannot do this! It needs foreplay, it needs to be seduced!"
"I can't do that... I come, I conquer, rape, pillage, burn... hey look, Japanese!"
"Just remember: rape and pillage BEFORE you burn."
"Does that makes sense for CDs, too?"
"No, I think that's the other way around..."

"I'll do puppy dog eyes!"
"I'll do anime eyes!"
"OOH! Chibi Kitty!"

"But I can't be a slut, I'm too cute!"
"You're not too cute at all! It's a clever disguise!"
"You're like the fluffy bunny."
"Well, we all know what the fluffy bunny does..."

Ah, the danger. The fun. The quotes. We're crazy, but at least we know it...

EDIT (11:28 PM)

"Now sixty fucking quid...or appropriate amounts of alcohol."

"We're all blind."
"I'm not blind! I can't see!"
"Doesn't that denote blindness?"


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