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Well, I suppose it was an eventuality. Quite a few of [ profile] atropos333's friends got married in the past two years or so. We attended three weddings in the space of a month last year, and yet another a few months ago.

Now, the first of my friends has sent me a wedding invitation. Granted, I knew this was coming and that it was merely a matter of time, but all the same, I find it to be a sizeable step. I do very much want to go. Unfortunately, the wedding is in India. Thankfully, it is next summer, so I theoretically have enough time to find a reasonable fare. We shall see.

Oh, and memo to the Powers that Be:

If you cannot make air travel less of a shambles than it is right now, at least make it cheaper before the end of next month. I have no desire to have my belongings sold on eBay while being forced to thank the government for 'keeping me safe'.

Yours sincerely,
~La Reine Noire.
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Just a quick post to say I'm back in Cambridge.

Trip was lots of fun. Big Fat Indian Wedding was big, fat, and Indian. My cousin looked gorgeous, and while I forgot my camera, there should be enough photographs of me in a sari to go round. Apparently professional photographers like taking pictures of me, based on this and the previous wedding. Though this one may have had something to do with [ profile] atropos333 and the fact that he was quite a bit paler than everyone else...

Agra was very nice as well. And London was wonderfully relaxing.

Saw The Producers. Hysterical. Thoroughly enjoyed. Would write more, except the jetlag is kicking in and I'm suddenly very very sleepy...

Quick Note

Dec. 5th, 2004 02:12 am
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I'm back.

Wedding was much fun. Will do a more detailed post tomorrow.

Strangely not sleepy, though the world is feeling a bit removed. This is probably not a good thing and I should probably sleep.

Will get to all meme-ish things tomorrow.

Er...tomorrow is today. So today.
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Well, I'm off. Going to Rita's to wait out the next four-and-a-half hours.

And then I catch my coach to Heathrow.

Will be back on Saturday night.

For those of you I've not sent love-missives to, I promise to get to them when I get back.

Be back later!


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