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Day #20: Your favourite movie adaptation of a play

To be honest, I almost put the Loncraine Richard III under this heading because it really does feel like an adaptation of Richard III that just happens to contain the same dialogue (a bit like Chimes at Midnight). But I will try to follow my own self-proclaimed definition that 'adaptation' denotes a Shakespearean plot without Shakespearean language.

And, that being the case -- and, perhaps this is a bit embarrassing -- I have to go with Ten Things I Hate About You. And not just because of Heath Ledger, although he is by no means insignificant.

Seriously, this is kind of embarrassing. But there you go. )

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Day #11: Your least favourite play - The Taming of the Shrew

This is in spite of the fact that the first time I ever performed Shakespeare was in my tenth-grade English class, doing Shrew, Act IV, Scene I. The more problematic aspects of the scene -- like the fact that Petruchio was literally starving Kate -- completely passed me by, so happy was I to be actually performing Shakespeare. There were maybe four groups in total in my class, and ours came out with fully memorised lines, costumes, and props. Everyone was very happy we went last. ;)

It was only when I read the play again in undergrad that I realised I didn't really find it very funny at all. The only exception is the sun/moon exchange in Act IV, Scene V, which can be hilarious in performance. The rest of it just seems like a series of vignettes about domestic abuse that are somehow meant to be amusing. I have been told that there are productions that take up this aspect of the play and do very interesting things with it, and I'm more than willing to be convinced that I'm wrong to dislike it. (I didn't like Winter's Tale at all, for instance, before seeing it in performance.)

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