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Well, I suppose it was an eventuality. Quite a few of [ profile] atropos333's friends got married in the past two years or so. We attended three weddings in the space of a month last year, and yet another a few months ago.

Now, the first of my friends has sent me a wedding invitation. Granted, I knew this was coming and that it was merely a matter of time, but all the same, I find it to be a sizeable step. I do very much want to go. Unfortunately, the wedding is in India. Thankfully, it is next summer, so I theoretically have enough time to find a reasonable fare. We shall see.

Oh, and memo to the Powers that Be:

If you cannot make air travel less of a shambles than it is right now, at least make it cheaper before the end of next month. I have no desire to have my belongings sold on eBay while being forced to thank the government for 'keeping me safe'.

Yours sincerely,
~La Reine Noire.
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I nitpicked until I nearly went cross-eyed. Formatted, reformatted, double-checked all my footnotes and sources. Begged for critiques on the introduction and conclusion from the most anal-retentive amongst my friends (merci mille fois to [ profile] pixidala, [ profile] adelynne, and [ profile] rosamund). Two copies are now printed and sitting in my bag, to be softbound first thing in the morning, and handed in before I catch my flight to Boston.

14304 words.

It is finished.


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