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Picked up last term's essays. Suffice it to say the weather echoed my mild to moderate terror of this particular errand. It's been raining all day.

They were...lower than I wanted.

I passed both of them, thank God. If I hadn't, I'd probably be suffering a nervous breakdown right now. And, thanks to my very high mark from first term, my average has barely scraped past the minimum mark for the Ph.D. programme.

It's ironic that the essay I was more confident about was the one that came out with the lower mark. I was sure I'd written a nice, coherent piece, but apparently it contained rather large logistical gaps that I just hadn't seen. I managed to scrape the mark they gave me, on account of the vast amounts of research. Thank goodness it counted for something; I certainly spent enough time on it.

Of course, the silver lining on the cloud is that the essay that picked up the High Pass mark is the jumping-off point for my dissertation. And most of the problems pointed out by the examiner--i.e. lack of secondary sources, no real discussion of the parallels between Dumas' theatre and fiction, etc--are all things that will be dealt with in detail in the dissertation.

So I suppose it all evens out cosmically.

I think I'm going to drop my clothing into the washing machine and have a drink. Preferably something alcoholic. I don't care that it's the middle of the afternoon. Sometimes you just need alcohol.
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Right. So I'm drunk. No, correction. I'm very drunk. So drunk I got sick earlier. Rather embarrassed about that. No...really embarrassed about that. I'm not the drunken sort.

At any rate...thought I'd let everyone know. Already IM'd [ profile] rosamund and [ profile] atropos333 regarding said event, but here goes.

I've been officially provisionally accepted to the PhD programme at the University of Cambridge. Department of French. Research on Alexandre Dumas and the confluence of historical and Gothic fiction if that means anything to anyone.

So I will be--barring any absolutely insurmountable financial difficulties and/or academic disasters--spending the next three years here in Cambridge, doing my PhD.

Wow. I managed multiple-syllabic words.

Going to go make tea now.

Au revoir, mes amis!


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