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OMG. I just finished watching Silence in the Library IN THE BLOODY LIBRARY.

Which is almost as brilliant an idea as reading Stephen King at 4:30 AM because of jetlag.

Thankfully it is not dark and there are no shadows. If the Internet were working in Duke Humfrey's Library, I would have watched it there and it would have scared the sense out of me.

Will write a proper review of this episode later, but I loved, loved, loved it. Steven Moffat is my hero.

And I am late for a seminar, so I must run.
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So I know I'm ages behind everyone in the watching of Doctor Who but I just got through the Second Series finale. There were tears.

Spoilers below )
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After reading two articles referencing aforementioned chronicle and finishing the first series of Doctor Who, my new mental image of Edward IV is Captain Jack.

In a mad sort of way, it works. Both are very good in wartime but somewhat problematic in peacetime, both are incredibly charming and will sleep with anything that moves, and both are generally cleverer than they are given credit for being, although if Jack dies of a heart attack after overeating himself into a stupor, it would be truly awful.

ETA 2:10 AM: The articles used segments of the chronicle to posit that Edward IV may have been bisexual. I'd accept it as a possibility, though not based on those particular segments, which may well have been using 'love' in a nonsexual way. Who knows? Subtext, how I love thee.

Why doesn't Edward IV get any love? Cut to spare the uninterested. )

Anyway, all of this is in an effort to avoid writing that introduction to my dissertation outline that justifies its existence. I have a page of semi-incoherent ramblings about appropriation of women as characters that is only partly related to the cultural framework of queenship but has far more to do with the twisting of those frameworks to fit the needs of propaganda...which is the right idea, but not in any way that makes sense.

On a completely unrelated note, I did notice this in the film, but it is rather staggering how good Joaquin Phoenix sounds when he sings Johnny Cash.

ETA 2:10 AM: More thoughts added under the cut.


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