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Break was wonderful. We rented a cabin in the Smoky Mountains and avoided people in general for a week. I read lots, and even managed to do a bit of writing.

Only odd interruption was an early-morning call to Linacre on a loan question that ended with the news that my loan is good to go. It's a bit more money than I'd initially expected, though I suppose better to overestimate this time round, rather than underestimate.

Then I came home to find my visa was approved and hopefully should be dropped off by FedEx tomorrow.

Yay! I smell progress. Now I get to find airfare and get ready to ship my things.

So...anything interesting happen while I was incommunicada?
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[ profile] atropos333 and I are leaving town for a week and will be sans Internet access. I hope to get a fair bit of writing done, as well as read a nice, large pile of books. Plus, there's a hot tub.

Hopefully nothing important will happen during this week of no-Internet. ;)
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Just a quick post to say I'm back in Cambridge.

Trip was lots of fun. Big Fat Indian Wedding was big, fat, and Indian. My cousin looked gorgeous, and while I forgot my camera, there should be enough photographs of me in a sari to go round. Apparently professional photographers like taking pictures of me, based on this and the previous wedding. Though this one may have had something to do with [ profile] atropos333 and the fact that he was quite a bit paler than everyone else...

Agra was very nice as well. And London was wonderfully relaxing.

Saw The Producers. Hysterical. Thoroughly enjoyed. Would write more, except the jetlag is kicking in and I'm suddenly very very sleepy...


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