Feb. 14th, 2007 10:33 am
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What illness is it that makes everything hurt? Literally everything?

I woke up yesterday feeling slightly under the weather, but nothing too serious. Then as I started walking into town to meet a friend of mine for hot chocolate, it started to hurt to breathe. I more or less ignored it since I had work to do after said chocolate meeting. Around 1:30PM or so, I headed into Duke Humfrey's for what was supposed to be a marathon six-hour session with my pile of ten stack requests, and hopefully some more work done on Hall.

Not so much. I started getting dizzy spells. The first time, I just closed my eyes to rest them for a few minutes, but when the dizziness came back the second time, I decided to walk around a bit and have some water. Again, helped a little, but not very much. By the end of the afternoon, the headache had set in and did not go away. There was a free evening thing at the Ashmolean that I really wanted to attend, so I ignored the headache and went. The fact that Katie and I later had to walk back to our respective houses in the pouring rain probably did not help.

I came in, changed, made myself the throat remedy I used last term (lemon juice, honey, and hot water), and went to bed. I suppose I slept reasonably well once I could get to sleep -- I was alternately too hot, too cold, too whatever, and having bizarre dreams where everybody was speaking German.

Woke up this morning and, in spite of the headache having thankfully calmed down, everything hurts. So I've e-mailed the other director, asking him to take over rehearsal for today, that I'll try my best to get there but I can't make any promises. Especially since it would be better for me to miss this one than, say, dress on Friday.

Ugh. I need to go to Tesco and buy honey and ibuprofen but I'm afraid that if I try to walk any long distance, the dizziness will come back. I'm having enough trouble getting to the kitchen at this point...


Nov. 13th, 2006 04:29 pm
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Still not better. Voice sounds slightly better, but is now interspersed with violent coughing fits. I'm not very fun to be around right now, but unfortunately the computer is still incommunicada, which leaves me no recourse but the library. Where there are other people constantly distracted by aforementioned coughing fits. I feel horrible about it, which makes me try to stifle the coughing, which makes it worse, which...you get the picture.

At least today's Chronicle of Choice was short and to the point. Well, one of them was. I actually managed to transcribe all relevant bits by hand in a reasonable amount of time. The other one, I've asked the lovely people at the counter to keep in hopes that my computer will magically reappear in the next five days. I know there was a time when everyone transcribed by hand, and that I have no right to complain...but I intend to complain anyway.

::deep breath::

It takes too long. And it hurts my hand, which has developed this inexplicable cramp between the thumb and forefinger. Plus, if I get distracted, my handwriting becomes practically illegible, which is not helpful in the least.

I did finally finish Charles Ross's biography of Richard III. He seems to espouse the 'he really was no better and no worse than any other person around him' theory. Which is fine with me; I'm actually finding that to be my theory of choice these days. He just seems content to set out the information and let the reader decide what they think. Plus, he points out the foibles of both sides of the Ricardian debate equally, and he's actually very nice to P.M. Kendall. Of course, this is pre-Weir, so I have no idea what he'd think of her.

One of my stack requests got cancelled, much to my annoyance. It happened to be the article about Pope Pius II who decided on a whim to compare Marguerite of Anjou to Joan of Arc, and I was really looking forward to that, simply because it's an odd notion and moderately amusing. Supposedly, the Upper Camera Reserve has it, and I might try to make it there after stopping by the English Library to pick up copies of Shakespeare's various Henry VI plays.

I'm trying to decide if I want to go to a lecture tonight. It sounds interesting (19th Century Literature and the Bible), but I'm tired. And I've run out of sugar, which is something of a calamity in my world. At any rate, I've got half an hour to decide, so we'll see.


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