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List five songs that you are currently digging. No limitations. You just have to be enjoying them now.

Hmm...narrowing down to five.

'Momentary Thing' by Something Happens: Blame Veronica Mars. Heard the song for the first time, and it was summarily stuck in my head. It evokes multiple characters, multiple scenes, especially one (thank you [ profile] adelynne).

'You're Still You' by Josh Groban: Yes, I admit I have my ridiculous sappy moments. This randomly popped up on the iPod the other day and I literally switched it onto repeat for about half an hour. Interplay of gorgeous voice *and* solo violin on a theme by Ennio Morricone? No complaints here. Of course, the best part is that I've had this song for nearly two years, and while I've always liked it, I haven't had this reaction until now. I blame character associations.

'Human Carousel' by Joe Hisaishi: From the Miyazake film of Howl's Moving Castle. Pix introduced me to this back in January, and I literally cannot get it out of my head. Not just this song, but any version of the lovely waltz theme that shows up on the soundtrack. It manages to be both uplifting and wistful at the same time, which is just incredible.

'Anakin's Betrayal' by John Williams: From Revenge of the Sith, obviously. Can we say bloodchilling, much? This may well be my favourite track on the score, although the dream and the second-to-last track are very close (trying to be as non-spoilery as possible).

'Mon cœur s'ouvre à ta voix' by Olga Borodina and José Cura: From Saint-Saëns' Samson et Dalila. This version turns me into a mess. It's just *that* gorgeous. I had no idea that the second verse turns into a quasi-duet, and when it does, oh my dear God. And don't start me on the character images, because it will never end.

And from Pix, ages ago:

Five songs that mean a lot to me:

Oyy, I don't know. There are too many songs that mean a lot to me at different times, but I'll do my best. I'll go with beginnings. That way I keep from flying off on tangents.

1. Tchaikovsky - 'Valse' from Swan Lake (started my love of ballet and classical music)
2. Verdi - 'Sempre libera' from La Traviata (started my love of opera)
3. Sarah Brightman - 'Think of Me' from Phantom of the Opera (blame it for the musical obsession)
4. Maurice Jarre - 'Overture' from Lawrence of Arabia (one film score obsession started here)
5. Lisa Loeb - 'Stay' (one of the first pop songs I liked, not because it was cool, but because I actually did like it)
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I have a cold and have decided there's nothing better to do. So...

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