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I almost posted earlier today in a panic because I have hit a Research Crisis. It is definitely a good thing that said research crisis happened roughly an hour before I was supposed to meet [ profile] nineveh_uk for cocktails and Quantum of Solace. Alcohol and Daniel Craig shooting people was precisely what I needed.

As a result, this post will not be about the Research Crisis. It will be about Bond. Which is far, far more preferable.

Not so much a review as a series of observations. Cut for ramblings, possible incoherence, and gratuitous quoting of John Webster. Also spoilers. )

In all, Bond films are about location porn, car porn, fashion porn, and people dying in unconventional if not often spectacular ways. The location porn was quite fun here, although it would take a lot to beat Casino Royale for sheer gorgeousness. And, well, it's a Bond film, so the fact that it has any plot at all, let alone a half-decent one, should be impressive in and of itself. I'm probably reading far more into it than was necessarily there, but this is what I do to films, and I happen to enjoy it. Plus, it really was a very enjoyable film, and a really fun evening altogether.
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Let me preface by saying that Jane Eyre is one of my favourite novels and has been since I was a little girl. I first read it when I was ten or eleven and loved it then, but it was only when I reread it during my first year of undergrad that the entirety of the book truly hit home for me. I'm still rather proud of my 'Defence of One Edward Fairfax Rochester' written for that class in response to a torrent of raging feminism (there were more than twenty girls and five guys at most, and I thought poor Rochester deserved a bit of sympathy).

I haven't reread the book recently; my copy is somewhere in the ether between Pennsylvania and Oxford at the moment, and therefore temporarily unreachable. I do plan to reread after watching tonight's episode (the last one, alas!).

They are long, they ramble, and they contain spoilers from Episodes 1-3 )

On the whole, I suppose it's obvious that I'm really enjoying this adaptation. Both the Zeffirelli film and the 1997 miniseries seemed to gloss over Rochester's cruelty, which this production highlighted. The first version I ever saw was the 1971 miniseries with Timothy Dalton and Zelah Clarke, which I remember liking, though I think this one has superseded it in my mind, in spite of its faults. And I absolutely cannot wait for Episode Four.

Star Wars

May. 25th, 2005 07:38 pm
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Just came back from seeing Episode III. In short, I was impressed.

Spoilers lie behind this cut )

And then afterward there was chocolate of the Gods. Today was a good day.
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Just came back from seeing the new Jeunet film, Un Long Dimanche de Fiancailles (A Very Long Engagement).

First impression: *Wow*! I'll grant I've not seen many films that deal with the trenches during the First World War, but that was absolutely incredible. Juxtaposed with gorgeous Bretagne and that fairy-tale cottage...

There were lots of parallels between this and Amélie, but not to the extent that it became distracting. His protagonists are always in this fascinating limbo between fantasy and reality, and both he and Audrey Tautou somehow manage to capture it perfectly. And I'd never seen the actor playing Manech before, but he looked so incredibly innocent, even in the midst of the Somme...I teared up multiple times.

The story was far more complicated than Amélie, followed multiple threads instead of just one. And they all weaved together beautifully.

I highly recommend. Without reservation. A fantastic film.


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