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Met with my supervisor yesterday and arguably survived. Will post about it later.

More importantly, however, for anyone who likes Jacobean drama, or John Webster, or Jonathan Slinger, or anything that is good and wonderful in this world.

BBC Radio 3 did an amazing Duchess of Malfi on Sunday night.

Sophie Okonedo plays the title role, and she is just marvellous. As is the rest of the cast, including Slinger, who is terrifying as Ferdinand, and Bertie Carvel as a fantastically conflicted Bosola.

It's available online for the rest of the week.

You know you cannot resist.
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...that I received an A++ for penmanship and 'presentation'.

From Jasper Fforde.

Who I met today.

And who is awesome and great fun and actually answered my question about whether he thought about characters the same way that the characters in his books think about characters, and who laughed at my stupid jokes about five different versions of Marguerite of Anjou in existence at the same time, half of which were homicidal maniacs, and have I mentioned that he is awesome?

I sadly did not get to ask him if he remembered [ profile] rosamund and her memorisation of all relevant callback lines from Richard III, as he had to drive back from Oxford tonight, but, eee!!!

I'm such a dork.

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Feb. 9th, 2007 07:21 pm
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Philip Pullman justified the existence of my dissertation today.

Alright, so not directly, but he justified it in principle )

I was already a fangirl to begin with, but this just clinches it. I'm just sad all of my copies of his books are three thousand miles away.

And, on an unrelated note, today's rehearsal of Oedipus yielded the best performances yet from the principals. Oedipus was genuinely scary! Which is precisely what I was looking for. The Chorus still needs lots of work -- maybe I should assign them a night to go out together for drinks so they can become a collective?


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